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CHN launches with Prevvy a new remote care program for hypertension patients

Community Healthcare Network (CHN), a network of 14 FQHCs caring for more than 85,000 patients throughout New York City, is launching their first remote care program to improve blood pressure control using Prevvy as their Virtual Care platform of choice

In January of this year, HHS awarded $90 Million to support health centers in addressing hypertension among racial and ethnic minorities. Community Healthcare Network was one of the awardees that for the next three years will work to improve blood pressure control through the use of remote patient monitoring technology.

CHN and Prevvy will share their experience on the initial pilot at the Regional Hypertension Summit of the American Heart Association on Oct 29, 2021.

(Register here for the breakout session or here for the general summit)



FCC Round 2 of funding for the Telehealth Program

Open until May 6, 2021

Today is the first day to apply for the second round of FCC of funding for the COVID-19 Telehealth Program.



The Importance of At Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Impact of COVID-19 in Hypertension Patients

Today as we continue to hear about ramping new cases of COVID-19 it is difficult to think of any other healthcare issues, and yet, the management of chronic conditions continue to be of critical importance. In this article, we'll cover how virtual care programs can help hypertension patients better manage their condition.