Prevvy, your

Health Assistant

Prevvy Health Assistant guides you day to day through your healthcare journey. You can access Prevvy from your PC, tablets, cell phones, and soon from smart speakers.

Prevvy empowers you to take control of your health journey. With a single app you will be able to:

  • Access your health records (even from multiple doctors) 24/7

  • Get recommendations and reminders to help you stay in track with your care plan

  • Integrate all data from your medical devices into a single location and share it with your doctors

  • Monitor your progress over time

  • Communicate with your care team and with other patients like you

Manage your own health and that of your family

Manage yours and your family's health records

Sync and import your health records from different providers and laboratories. Ability to share your records with new doctors and your family.

Care Plans from your doctors

Receiving Care Plans with your daily activities from different providers. Prevvy will guide you on your daily basis with your health activities.

Monitor your health

Connect to your medical devices and fitness trackers and monitor your signal vitals.

Communicate with your Care team

Videoconferencing and chat function for easy communication with your care team. Ability to share files, pictures and videos.

Your Health Information. Your Rights.

Watch this video from the Office of National Coordinator (HHS) about your rights to download your healthcare data to any app you want

Let Prevvy guide you through your day with reminders and recommendations according to care plans defined by your doctors and coaches

Fitness and Wellness




Patient Education



Remote Interactions

Share your information

with new doctors

specialists, doctors abroad or out of state

with family members

of your kids, spouse, or your parents in other state or country

with Emergency teams

share your health info in emergency situations