Evolution towards a digitally-enabled care

How Health Systems can scale the human touch in healthcare

extending Healthcare to Outside the Clinic

Prevvy partners with health systems to reinvent digital delivery care models

Health systems must embrace digital transformation and reduce manual care processes to remain competitive in the marketplace:

  • More and more health systems are implementing their own Virtual Care and remote monitoring programs as a differential element and risk management.

  • State-of-the-art automation and digital capabilities are required to deliver virtual care, centrally collect, transform and share data at scale, and act with early patient and care team interactions

  • Simplify the relationship and virtual care with patients without the need for multiple apps for different diseases, devices or digital services.

  • Automate clinical and care protocols to manage recommendations and alerts

Digital Strategies in Health Systems

Significant Revenue opportunities for healthcare providers

Improving and expanding care through automation of care, data and Digital Companions

to empower patients to take control of their care

Prevvy Digital Health assistant is a digital companion for patients helping improve patient treatment journeys

Prevvy in Healthcare Networks