An interoperable Virtual Care Platform

Scaling the human touch

A single platform to manage the relationship with patients with different diseases and risk levels

Digitizing the Wellness &  Care Patient Journey

68% of healthcare systems are looking to digital solutions to help them digitize the patient care journey and orchestrate distributed team care coordinationMore ...

Towards a digitally-enabled care model

The integration of new digital health solutions into digitally enabled care models offers the potential to address the quadruple aim in a new era of high access, high quality, lower cost and high experience care. More ...

Patient Journeys Specification and digital distribution to the Patient's Health assistant

Prevvy is a Multi-disease Virtual Care platform enabling orchestration and automation of care outside of the clinic based on Patient-centered Digital Care Plans and Clinical Decision Support tools

Different Use Cases for different healthcare markets

Virtual Care

Remote Monitoring

Remote Therapeutic

Patient Engagement

Population Health

Disease management

Digital Therapeutics

Prevention campaigns

Patient Support programs

Digital Therapeutics

Post-Launch Phase IV trials

Visit our FAQ for healthcare providers about Virtual Care and digital therapies.

Discover the opportunity for significant revenues for healthcare providers.

A seamless healthcare experience between patients, family members and their providers

Doctors - easy to integrate automated remote care

Patients - manage their own health 

How Generative AI Helps Prevvy Reduce Health Disparities

Generative AI and Digital Patient journeys is an opportunity to advance Health Equity

Generative AI allows us to adapt Prevvy's reminders and recommendations to individual patient needs. For example, a reminder to take a medication could be personalized to include a reference to Cuban cuisine for a Cuban patient in Miami, or it could be translated into Spanish for a patient who doesn't speak English.

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Supporting Interoperability and CDS standards

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