Prevvy: Your Connected Health Platform

Extending Healthcare to Outside the Clinic

Connecting patients and providers via videoconferences and chats, digital care plans and remote patient monitoring.

Give your patients the best possible care, even when they can't go to the clinic

Healthcentrix: Delivering Connected Care

Digital Transformation of the delivery of care

COVID-19 has forever transformed the way Medicine is practiced. Remote care via tele health, digital care plans and remote patient monitoring is becoming the norm.

Prevvy functions as an extension of your practice, allowing you care for your patients when they are at home.

Apr 28,2021

FCC Round 2 of funding for the Telehealth program

Today is the first day to apply

Today is the first day to apply for the second round of FCC of funding for the COVID-19 Telehealth Program open until May 6, 2021


The Importance of At Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Impact of COVID-19 in Hypertension Patients

Today as we continue to hear about ramping new cases of COVID-19 it is difficult to think of any other healthcare issues, and yet, the management of chronic conditions continue to be of critical importance. In this article, we'll cover how virtual care programs can help hypertension patients better manage their condition.


A seamless healthcare experience between patients, family members and their providers

Doctors - easy to integrate automated remote care

  • Integrated with your current EMR and workflows

  • New revenue lines with remote care services: Chronic Care Management, Remote patient monitoring and Tele-health.

  • Increased Savings and Improved Quality Metrics in Value-based programs

  • Improved Patient Experience and Increased Patient Engagement

  • Automation of care with evidence-based care plans.

Patients - manage their own health

  • Convenient communication with your care team (online and offline)

  • Let your digital health assistant guide you through your daily care. Share your health data with your healthcare provider for better care.

  • Manage your health records with data from different sources. Manage health records of your family-members, simplifying your life.

  • Share your health records with different providers and emergency services

Prevvy is a Digital Health platform enabling Coordination and Automation of Care outside of the clinic based on Patient-centered Digital Care Plans and Clinical Decision Support tools


Prevvy selected finalist in the Novartis Dermatology Pitch competition in Barcelona (link)

Prevvy winner of the data interoperability challenge by the department of HHS - ONC (link)